Vol 3, No 6 (2014)

Convergent Television(s)

Co-edited by Gabriele Balbi and Massimo Scaglioni

The history of media convergence, especially of convergent television, is a field that needs to be further investigated. Media convergence is often considered a taken-for-granted phenomenon, a kind of ‘irresistible’ force that has changed and is continuously changing media ecosystems. Furthermore, it seems to be mainly an American phenomenon because it has involved US politics and companies and because the most relevant reflections and publications on this topic come from American scholars.

This issue of VIEW tries to deal with this complex and polysemic concept from different points of view, adopting several theoretical and methodological frameworks. It attempts to counteract some of the aforementioned taken-for-granted ideas, analyzing TV convergence from a historical and long-term perspective, considering symmetrical case studies of success and failures, concentrating on the European dimension through the lens of transnational, comparative, and national contributions.

Table of Contents


Editorial PDF HTML
Gabriele Balbi, Massimo Scaglioni 1-4


‘More Than a Television Channel’: Channel 4, FilmFour and a Failed Convergence Strategy PDF HTML
Hannah Andrews 5-13
Public Service Television in a Multi-Platform Environment: A Comparative Study in Finland and Israel PDF HTML
Oranit Klein Shagrir, Heidi Keinonen 14-23
Multiscreening and Social TV: The Changing Landscape of TV Consumption in Italy PDF HTML
Alberto Marinelli, Romana Andò 24-36
Newspaper Video Content: Genres and Editorial Formats in Spain PDF HTML
Samuel Negredo 37-48
Convergent Cultures: The Disappearance of Commissioned Audiovisual Productions in The Netherlands PDF HTML
Bas Agterberg 49-57


Wide-Screen Television and Home Movies: Towards an Archaeology of Television and Cinema Convergence Before Digitalisation PDF HTML
Tom James Longley Steward 58-68
Convergent Television and 'Audience Participation': The Early Days of Interactive Digital Television in the UK PDF HTML
Vivi Theodoropoulou 69-77
ARTE: French-German Experiments in Crossing the Borders. 'One Media – Three Screens' Convergence and Interactivity at its Full Potential? PDF HTML
Anna Wiehl 78-94
‘The Schneiderverse’: Nickelodeon, Convergent Television and Transmedia Storytelling PDF HTML
Helena Louise Dare-Edwards 95-109
TV Goes Social: Italian Broadcasting Strategies and the Challenges of Convergence PDF HTML
Luca Barra, Massimo Scaglioni 110-124
Digital Convergence and Content Regulation PDF HTML
Michael John Starks 125-135

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