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Television Satire in (Post)Socialist Europe - Volume 11 -

Issue 22 - 2022

Television Satire in (Post)Socialist Europe


Co-edited by Sonja de Leeuw, Dana Mustata and Veronika Pehe

This special issue of VIEW aims to shine a light on television satire in Eastern Europe during the period of state socialism and beyond. Satire has been studied as a vehicle for challenging political and religious power as well as established norms and values. Even more so, satire is powerful in challenging established (state) ideologies, values, beliefs, and conduct. Yet in the state socialist countries of the former Eastern Bloc, satire - including television satire - was also employed by the state apparatus to target ideological opponents. This issue looks into the complex and often subtle and contradictory ways in which satire has disputed the relations between television, audiences and power in this specific geopolitical region of Europe.

Cover image: Still from Parrullat ('The slogans') by Gëzim Qendro, 1989, Central State Film Archives of Albania.


Audiovisual Essay